PMLL will be launching a new trial licence for Music Services on 1st April.  Currently, staff at Music Services are able to make photocopies and arrange sheet music as part of school activities within an institution that holds a School Printed Music Licence (SPML).  For activities that are carried out by Music Services that are not covered under the SPML, we have developed a licence to allow staff and students to continue to gain access to sheet music in this way.  Copies and arrangements of sheet music can be used by staff at Music Services as part of ‘area activities’.  Area activities include individual and small group vocal or instrumental teaching and small or large music ensembles over and above the Collective Educational Provision of the school or schools on whose behalf it is being provided but strictly limited to educational non-commercial activities.

The Licence allows

  • copying of whole works
  • copying of 10% (by number of items) of individual pieces of music in a published Anthology or multi-movement vocal score (by number of pages)
  • arrangements of works
  • uploading of copied music to a password protected VLE

A list of publishers who have mandated their rights for this scheme is available.  There is also an exclusion list that details any publishers that have excluded all or some their works.

Full terms and conditions of the Music Service Licence are available to download.

The cost of the licence has been based on a banding basis (see below)

Cost of Licence per annum (exclusive of VAT)
Levels A and B (organisational income >£500k) £200
Levels C and D (organisational income £500k-£1.5m) £300
Levels E and F (organisational income £1.5m+) £400

Please visit our FAQ section for any questions you may have.

The licence will be administered on behalf of PMLL by Music Mark.  If you would like further information about the licence or have a query please contact Music Mark or PMLL directly.

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