Amateur Choirs Trial Licence

PMLL launched a trial licence for Amateur Choirs in September 2019. The trial licence has been extended until 30 June 2021.

Choirs that participate in the trial licence are asked to complete a short survey before and after the trial which will allow PMLL and its members to gauge the impact of the licence on the sales of printed music.

The Amateur Choir Trial Licence allows choir members to make photocopies of a certain number of works and also permits minor arrangements of works to be made. The licence is intended to make access to music easier for choirs, while remunerating publishers whose works are being copied.

The licence fee is based on the number of works a choir proposes to use during the trial and on the number of choir members:

  • £2.50 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 5 Licensed Works
  • £5.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 10 Licensed Works
  • £10.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 25 Licensed Works
  • £15.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 50 Licensed Works

If you would like to apply for a licence please contact PMLL directly

To ensure choirs are able to continue to access music during the pandemic we have put in place a temporary extension to the terms of licence.  Further information about this extension.

The links below list the publishers whose works can be used under the Trial Licence and any works that have been excluded from the trial.

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