Amateur Choirs Christmas Trial Licence

Celebrate Christmas and singing together again

The Amateur Choir Trial Licence allows choir members to make photocopies of works and also permits minor arrangements (e.g. change of key) to suit the voices of the choir. The licence is intended to make access to music easier for choirs enabling them to make copies without having to seek permission directly from the publisher, while ensuring that songwriters and composers are fairly paid for the use of their works.

What can choirs do with the licence?
With the PMLL Amateur Choirs Christmas Licence you can easily and legally make printed copies of licensed songs until 31 December 2021 without contacting publishers individually (please check the publisher list to find out which publishers are included in this licence).

Why was the licence created?
We wanted to simplify the licensing process for choirs whilst working with music publishers to ensure songwriters and composers are fairly paid.

How much will it cost?
Pricing is tailored to the size of your choir and how many songs you want to sing?

  • £2.50 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 5 Licensed Works
  • £5.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 10 Licensed Works
  • £10.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 25 Licensed Works
  • £15.00 (+VAT) 1 copy per member of up to 50 Licensed Works

Where can we find out more and sign up?
You can visit to sign up and be licensed in just a few clicks.  You can also contact with any questions.

Do I need to report what I have copied?
Yes, please.  This ensures that creators receive what they are correctly owed.

Amateur Choir Trial Licence (Terms and Conditions)

The links below list the publishers whose works can be used under the Trial Licence and any works that have been excluded from the trial.

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