Creatives Corner

The CLA is promoting the Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) at the Music and Drama Education Expo in London on the 22nd and 23rd February 2018. They are participating in a new interactive seminar series on the exhibition floor called Creatives Corner.

Creatives Corner offers the chance to promote the SPML through the delivery of four thirty-minuteworkshop sessions over the two days of the exhibition, one morning and one-afternoon slot.

PMLL would like to run each thirty-minute session around the concept of the ‘virtuous circle of printed music’ or ‘how music education helps composers and publishers get paid’. This would be a seminar split into short sessions where we explain the relationship between the SPML, schools and the creators, with an emphasis on the importance of the licence to all parties.

The structure would be:

  • Session introduced by SPML to talk about what the licence is, what it lets schools do and it’s importance in supporting creators (5mins)
  • Then someone from a Music Services team to talk about how they use printed music and its place in music education (7mins)
  • Then an educational music publisher to speak about how the money gets back to publishers, the importance of collecting copying data and how it means the publishers and composers can be paid (10 mins)
  • SPML to close by speaking about the Shake It Up competition and closing date for entries (2mins)
  • Time for questions from the floor (6mins)

Therefore, we are asking if anyone from the PMLL membership can identify two education music publishers who are each prepared to deliver two slots for one of the days. Please email Viki if you have any suggestions.

CLA will put forward a Music Services representative or a Music Teacher.