We understand that as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent government imposed lockdown, Amateur choirs have generally been unable to meet in person to rehearse and perform since March 2020. Following a number of queries from choirs, who have been investigating alternative ways of sharing music during the pandemic, the PMLL Board have agreed a temporary change to the terms and conditions of the trial licence (providing the appropriate licence fee has been paid).

This temporary change will allow choirs to share music:

  • Via a pdf copy emailed to members
  • Via a password protected section of the choir website

This temporary extension is being offered on a non-precedent and temporary basis only.

We ask that any choirs sharing music via the methods listed above label the music with the wording below (or something similar).

‘This PDF has been reproduced and shared by [insert choir name] under the temporary Covid-19 permissions granted by the PMLL Amateur Choir Licence. Any further distribution is prohibited.’

We hope that by making this temporary change to the licence, choirs will be able to continue to sing and meet virtually.

We have written to the PMLL members whose works are included under the trial licence, and asked them to inform PMLL if they would like to opt their works out of this temporary extension. We will update the website with the names of any publishers that choose to exclude their works.

We will continue to monitor the situation, which changes on a week by week basis, and inform choirs when this temporary change to terms will no longer be available.

Please note: A condition of the trial licence is to report to PMLL what music you have photocopied. This is an essential part of the Amateur Choir Licence as this data is used to remunerate publishers who’s works are being used. We understand that as a result of COVID-19, some choirs may not have photocopied any works as of yet. If this is the case, please do send your data returns as soon as you make photocopies.

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