About us

PMLL represents the rights of music publishers and issues licences on behalf of the rights-holders permitting the reproduction of printed music in education and other sectors. The licence allows users to make photocopies of printed music (and digitally downloaded printed music); as well as making further arrangements of legitimately acquired printed music under the terms and conditions of the licences.

The licence

Our licence allows users to make photocopies of printed music (and digitally downloaded printed music)

Access to printed music and making copies of printed music are essential in music education and music performance, so that students and performers have hard copies available to them of the music they are studying or performing.

The licence fees paid to PMLL are distributed as royalties to the rights-holder members.

PMLL and the MPA

PMLL is a company owned by the Music Publishers Association Group (MPA Group).

As well as safeguarding and championing the interests of its music publisher members, the MPA aims to promote the value of publishing to the wider music industry, creative industry, government and the general public.

The MPA also owns and operates the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS). MCPS is the UK collection society that licenses mechanical (or reproduction) copyrights.

What we do

PMLL’s first collective licence was made available to schools in the UK from 1 April 2013.

With over 130 music publisher members PMLL now permits users to copy and arrange sheet music under a number of licensing schemes:

  • Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML)
  • Amateur Choirs Trial Licence
  • Music Service Trial Licence
  • Higher Education Printed Music Trial Licence

How it works

The music publishers who own the copyright in printed music grant PMLL a mandate permitting the use of their music under the licensing schemes operated by PMLL.

When granting a mandate publishers can request that specific repertoire is excluded from use under a particular licensing scheme. The fees collected from licensees under the schemes are distributed to the music publisher members of PMLL as royalties.

PMLL has a Code of Conduct which explains how we operate and deal with any complaints.

The PMLL Board

The PMLL Board is representative of the members and is made up of printed music publishers, major publishers, independent publishers and an external independent director.

The MPA chief executive is also a director without voting rights. The Board meets at least six times a year to discuss strategy, policy and operational issues such as the basis for the distribution of royalties.

Michelle Brown

Designated Director

Paul Clements


Philip Flood

PMLL Non-Executive Director

Tom Farncombe

Print Music Director

Rachel Lindley

Print Music Director

Chris Butler

Non-Designated Director

Simon Platz

Non-Designated Directors

Richard King


Greta Erdmann

VP, Copyright

Legal issues and anti piracy group

The Legal Issues & Anti-Piracy Group (LIAPG) is a joint group between the MPA and PMLL

The LIAPG meets on an ad hoc basis to consider specific legal issues facing publisher members and the MPA’s anti-piracy strategy and activities. The group provides an opportunity for publishers to collectively raise, discuss and assist in resolving legal issues and is run as a practical, problem-solving group.

General enquiries

If you own the copyright in printed music publications and would like to know more about what we do, please contact PMLL’s General Manager Viki Smith.

You can also find more information about the PMLL and MPA teams, as well as information about job opportunities in music publishing on the MPA’s website (MPA Group).

For general enquiries please email:

Printed Music Licensing Ltd
2nd Floor, Synergy House,
114-118 Southampton Row.
London. WC1B 5AA.